Something’s Not Quite Right About This School Letter Giving Kids an Extra Week Off

Every so often, your child does something so wickedly mischievous that it’s hard not to be a little proud of them for it.

That’s how we can only assume Cara G.’s mom felt after being handed this “official” letter from her 7-year-old daughter’s school, which informed them she’d be getting a few more days of holiday vacation because “the school compnay is taking a brake [sic].”

She posted it to Reddit, noting, “My daughter got the mail today (it’s Sunday), and apparently they have another week off school.”

An inexperienced parent might not have questioned the suspicious letter — there was a very professional-looking seal of Disney’s Rapunzel at the bottom, after all — but thankfully this mom caught on to her daughter’s attempt at forgery and likely sent her off to class this morning.

Cara, next time, opt for an email, but if you insist on having it delivered by the postal service, go ahead and get the mail on a Saturday instead.


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