Toddler Activities with Plastic Bottles

Toddler Bowling Game

We decided to try and turn our old water bottles into bowling pins today! I thought my son would really enjoy it and I was right! The process, as usual, was more fun than the end result.

Toddler Fine Motor Skills


First, we collected ten water bottles. We had fun counting them together! Then, we filled each one with beans, rice, lentils, pasta… Whatever we could find! I set my son up with some rotini and a bottle and let him fill his own bottle while I did the other nine. It was a good activity to practice his fine motor skills. He was really concentrating on getting the pasta in the bottle.

Water Bottle Instruments

He had fun filling, shaking, dumping and filling again!

Toddler Activities with Water Bottles
Then we found a ball and set up our bowling pins and threw the ball at them. That was fun but even more fun was shaking the bottles, tossing the bottles, and singing songs with our new “shakers”. So, even though we didn’t bowl as much as I wanted to, we had so much fun doing everything else we could think of with the bottles! Maybe an older child would enjoy bowling more.


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