You Won’t Be Able to Look at a Kids’ Red Wagon the Same Way After Seeing What This Grandpa Did to It 2016-05-02 15-01-01

The Radio Flyer red wagon is a childhood staple — you likely had your own as a kid to pull your toys or younger sibling to the park in, or you have one that belongs to your own child sitting in your garage right now. To put a smile on his granddaughter Felicity’s face — and solve a transportation issue that children with IV bags are faced with — Roger Leggett has adapted the classic wagon to allow sick children to experience an iconic part of childhood.

Leggett got the idea when he and his son Chad almost pulled an IV out of Felicity — who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011 — while getting out of an elevator. The pair brainstormed a better way to transport children than walking them around with heavy IV poles, and after Chad suddenly died at 24 from heatstroke, Leggett channeled his heartbreak into putting the idea into motion. He’s made over 140 so far, and each one bears the label “Chad’s Bracket” in honor of his son.

“I don’t make a penny off of it,” Leggett told NBC News. “If I can make one child feel better, while they’re in the hospital and going through such a life-changing thing that happens to these children, that’s all I need.” Watch the video to see the amazing wagons in action and hear more of Leggett’s inspiring story.


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