Why This Boy Sleeping in “His Own Room” Will Make You Count Your Blessings Right This Second

Let’s all be honest: to say we don’t compare ourselves to others would be a lie. As much as we try not to, it’s hard to keep from looking at what others have and feeling a tinge of jealousy.

One mom admitted to such feelings in a moving Imgur post.

She first described how she lives in a small, one-bedroom apartment with her husband and two children, ages 2 and 4. They’d made the living arrangement work for the past three years, but lately, her oldest son had been drawing pictures of his own room and asking his parents if he could have one.

“Unfortunately, with my husband fresh out of college with a minimum salary supporting all of us it hasn’t been the easiest to move out, as moves tend to be costly,” she wrote in the post.

What happened next proved life-changing:

A close friend gave us their old toddler bed, and we created a corner “room” for my son, and he was so happy and thanked us for such wonderful “room.” He said he was going to make phone calls to his friends in his own room and just planned out how he was going to decorate it.

At that moment I felt so blessed yet embarrassed at the same time. I always complained and compared my life to everyone else who seemed to be doing so much better, and never really counted the blessings in my life. I wanted to never forget this moment.

In the post, she shared a photo of her son, sleeping soundly in his very own makeshift room. If that image wasn’t solace enough for this mom, the comments — like one from a teacher who said, “the fact that he is thrilled and most of all thankful for this tells me you’re winning at parenting” — on her post have helped her “be grateful for every minor and major thing” in her life.

Image Source: Imgur user ahny1104

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