If You Want to Raise Good Kids, Harvard Researchers Suggest These 7 Tips

Every parent wants to raise a good kid — someone who is caring, understanding, polite, ethical — but your little ones can’t do it alone; they need help and guidance from the adults in their lives. According to human development researchers at Harvard, there are some guidelines supported by research studies that parents can look […]

This Hysterical Video Perfectly Sums Up What It’s Like to Dine Out With Your Kids in Tow

Before having kids, eating out was a luxury that you likely didn’t realize was a luxury at all — and then you had kids and probably can’t even remember what the word restaurant means. In a hilarious video, Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts and her husband demonstrate the struggle that is taking your kids out […]

These Surprised Reactions at a Couple’s Successful Adoption Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

Banks Farris and his wife, Lacey, always knew they wanted to be parents but were heartbreakingly faced with infertility, late miscarriage, and failed adoption. Until Finley, that is. The couple was able to adopt their baby girl from birth and decided to create a video of them stopping by all of the homes of their […]

How This Police Officer Made a Little Boy’s Dreams Come True

Incredibly touching, tear-inducing things happen when little ones meet their heroes — be it garbage collectors, police officers, or even Adam Levine. The latest comes from the police department in Grand Rapids, MI, where a little boy, Travis, got to meet his idol, a police officer, and basically have the best afternoon ever. On their […]

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